Connect and Protect Lone Workers so they are Safer and More Productive

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Forcefield Protection

Your People Deserve to Be Safe and Feel Productive. We make that Easy.

ForceField Protection provides a patented lone worker app that protects and connects lone workers. They do not need to call, text, yell, touch, or do anything for a distress signal to be sent out. Simultaneously, each company has a dashboard for 24/7 monitoring of all lone workers in the field which is available is a downloadable report.

Last Location

All employees are geolocated while using the app so people that care about them know where they are..

Field log

Organizations have a 24/7 monitoring dashboard of all employee activity, which is a downloadable report.

Personal Profile

Employees have their own personal app with personalized location and safety needs.

Emergency SOS

Emergency contacts will receive a distress message if the SOS message is sent.

Check In & Out

Our patented check in/out system sends a distress signal without an employee needing to do anything.

Emergency Contacts

Employees can customize their emergency contacts that receive location and distress signals.

ForceField Security

Easy to Manage ForceField Dashboard

If you’d like to find out more about how ForceField can help you protect and connect your lone workers in the field, please fill out the contact form and we will look forward to speaking with you. Contact Us.

Forcefield Protection

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We would love to talk to you more about the opportunity to protect and connect your lone workers so they can focus and enjoy doing their best work. In 3 simple steps you can have a complete dashboard and your lone workers using the ForceField App.


ForceField Protection

This app is working in 3 Simple Steps!

Would you like to get more information on the SOS-Mobile app, please contact us.

1) Upload Employees on 24/7 Dashboard

2) Pay Subscription Fee

3) Employees Download the App

Employees are Safer and More Productive


Frequently AskedQuestions

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Emergency contacts will receive a test message from emergency contacts who have been approved to receive these messages.

Currently, we work in the United States.

Contact us for pricing.

Three Emergency contacts will receive distress and missed check out messages.

Through SMS text messages.

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"ForceField Protection provides an important line of protection for me while I am out in the field. It makes a world of difference to me knowing that I am always accounted for. I always feel more secure knowing I'll always get help if I need it. It also makes me feel valued by my company".


Naomi Janas

Field Worker