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Founders, Charles Roselle served as a United States Secret Service Agent for 16 years and Dr. Holly Roselle was a human performance specialist with military special operations. Charles devoted his career to protecting others and Dr. Roselle worked with military service members on techniques to stay motivated, productive, and enjoy performing at their best. More personally, they both experienced the underlying fear and anxiety of going into unknown homes and environments during their work. Together, with a team of top developers, they have used their experiences to create an app that helps protect and connect lone workers so they are SAFER and MORE PRODUCTIVE.

Real-time Status

Lone workers will feel protected and connected because people that care for them always know where they are working in the field. Also, if emergencies hit it’s comforting to know that you can always be found.

Admin Dashboard

An important part of security and protection is accountability. The easy to manage, web based Forcefield dashboard, shows organizations where and when their employees are while on duty using the app. Additional features help with reporting to protect the accountability of their employees.

Emergency SOS

The emergency SOS is an added side feature to help lone workers feel protected and connected. The SOS feature provides lone workers with another way to reach out for help if they ever feel as if they are in distress.

Check In-Out

Out patented check in/out system is extremely user friendly for lone workers. With a few touches of a button, prior to going into the field, they feel protected and connect so they can focus and enjoy doing their best work.

ForceField Security

Your Lone Workers Deserve to Be Safe and Feel Valued. It Should Be Easy to Protect Them.

Forcefield App makes your lone workers feel protected and connected by simply taking a few seconds out of their day. It's so quick that it will never hold them up in the field. By pushing a few buttons, before they enter the field, they will be safer and more productive.

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Forcefield Protection

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We would love to talk to you more about the opportunity to protect and connect your lone workers so they can focus and enjoy doing their best work. In 4 simple steps you can have a complete dashboard and your lone workers using the ForceField App.

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Lone Workers

Your People Deserve To Be Safe and Feel Valued. It Should Be Easy To Protect Them.

Protect and Connect lone workers so they are safer and enjoy being more productive

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ForceField Security

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Frequently AskedQuestions

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Emergency contacts will receive a test message from emergency contacts who have been approved to receive these messages.

Currently, we work in the United States.

Contact us for pricing.

Three Emergency contacts will receive distress and missed check out messages.

Through SMS text messages.

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"ForceField Protection provides an important line of protection for me while I am out in the field. It makes a world of difference to me knowing that I am always accounted for. I always feel more secure knowing I'll always get help if I need it. It also makes me feel valued by my company".


Naomi Janas

Field Worker